Headaches, ear and jaw pain, and pain behind the eyes are a few of the symptoms that may arise from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Severe TMJ pain can disrupt everyday life and make normal activities like eating incredibly painful. DaganMD specializes in TMJ BOTOX® in NYC, offering pain relief and a quick return to a full, active life.

In New York City, life is a fast-paced adventure, but it’s also an easy source of the kind of tension and stress that leads to TMJ disorders. Stress-related clenching of the jaw and teeth can both lead to chronic TMJ problems. BOTOX® for TMJ in New York is a noninvasive, outpatient procedure that acts as a standalone TMJ treatment or supports other TMJ treatments to improve patient quality of life.

How BOTOX® Treats TMJ Disorders

OnabotulinumtoxinA, otherwise known as BOTOX®, is a neurotoxic protein used to treat a number of medical conditions, including limb spasticity, cervical dystonia, and nerve disorders of the eyes in addition to TMJ disorders. It temporarily blocks signals between the nerves and muscles, causing temporary muscle paralysis that prevents muscle contraction.

The blocking of the nerve signals relaxes the muscles of the TMJ, reducing the pain caused by jaw tension. More specifically, the BOTOX® relaxes the masseter muscle, the major muscle of the jaw.

The BOTOX® for TMJ Procedure

A typical TMJ BOTOX® treatment cycle requires at least three injection sessions over a doctor’s specified period of time. A typical session takes 10 to 30 minutes on average with the effects lasting three to six months.

The cause and location of the TMJ symptoms determine where the patient receives injections. The masseter (jaw) muscle, forehead, and/or temple are the most common injection sites. Patients can return to their normal activities as soon as they leave the doctor’s office.

However, the injection sites may have some temporary redness, swelling, or pain. Patients should avoid rubbing the injection site. A cold compress and numbing creams can be helpful topical pain relievers, but injection discomfort usually only lasts one or two days. Patients can expect to see the full effects of the procedure after 7 to 14 days.

TMJ BOTOX® Benefits

BOTOX® treatments have a number of benefits. Most result from the relaxing of the masseter muscle, but others come from the ease of the procedure itself. Benefits often include:

  • Quick return to daily activities
  • Non-prescription pain solution
  • Support of other TMJ treatments
  • Reduced frequency of headaches
  • Reduced grinding of the teeth
  • Slimming of the jawline as the masseter muscle relaxes
  • Temporary return of jaw and neck mobility

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BOTOX® for TMJ Risks

Like any medical procedure, BOTOX® for TMJ comes with some risks. Some of the most common side effects and risks include:

  • Bruising and redness at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Drooping of muscles (eyelids or “smile” muscles) outside of the TMJ

BOTOX® for TMJ isn’t a permanent solution for TMJ pain. Once the BOTOX® wears off, usually after three to six months, the procedure may need to be performed again. For those who suffer from chronic TMJ pain, the procedure may become a regular part of pain management.

Best Doctor for TMJ Botox® in NYC

BOTOX® for TMJ requires an in-depth knowledge of facial structure and physiology. The physicians at DaganMD have the expertise, skill, and practical experience to administer BOTOX® and successfully treat TMJ pain. If you live in NYC, call 212.585.3242 to schedule a consultation.

Am I a Candidate for TMJ Botox® in New York?

If the patient lives in New York and the TMJ pain stems from teeth grinding, excessive tension in the masseter muscle, and/or stress, the patient is usually a good candidate for TMJ BOTOX® at DaganMD. BOTOX® is most effective for TMJ disorders that involve the muscles of the jaw rather than the overall structure of the TMJ.

An inability to align the teeth to fully bite, a jaw that locks open or closed, or one that makes a clicking sound are symptoms that may be related to the structure of the TMJ. BOTOX® may or may not be a viable solution or pain reducer for these types of issues. In these cases, a more invasive form of treatment may be required.




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